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Model DIVERSO - model zaprojektowany przez inwestora
Diverso + Self-supporting gate + Wicket+ Panels
Verticale A + Wicket + Swing gate
P302 + Wicket + Self-supporting gate
Verticale A + Wicket + Self-supporting gate

The Verticale Model is an exceptionally popular fencing system from Konsport. Customers appreciate its simple design, which makes it easy to integrate into any fence line arrangement. The system offers…

PS004 + Single leaf gate

The exceptionally popular louvered fence from Konsport allows for easy adaptation to various, even very complex fence line projects. A wide range of available accessories, rich color options, and the…

P82 + Wicket + Swing gate

The P82 model is the most popular product in Konsport’s range. Its popularity is due to its completely simple design, devoid of decorative elements. The minimalist style allows the fence…

Ogrodzenie z żaluzji
PS004 + Self-supporting gate
Ogrodzenie żaluzjowe Ps004
PS004 + Panels
PS004 + Wicket
Ogrodzenie poziome metalowe P82 Konsport
P82 + Panels + COLORE
Verticale Konsport - brama samonosa widok front
VERTICALE + Self-supporting gate + VERTICALE C Panels
P82 + NOCE + Swing gate + Wicket + Panels
Furtka i brama uchylna modelu PB155 - Słupek EQ z wypaleniem numeru
PB155 + Swing gate + Wicket + EQ post
Brama samonośna metalowa Konsport Diverso
DIVERSO + Self-supporting gate + Post with automation
Verticale ogrodzenie Konsport
VERTICALE + Self-supporting gate + EQ post + BLIX
Model Verticale Konsport - Przesła wariantu A
DIVERSO II + Self-supporting gate + EQ post

The DIVERSO fence is a great option for those who prefer to take matters into their own hands and design their dream fence themselves. Konsport offers a model where the…

VERTICALE A + Self-supporting gate + Wicket+ EQ Post
Model ogrodzenia palisadowego P64 Konsport
P64 + Panels

The PP 002 (P64) fence is characterized by horizontally arranged profiles, giving it a unique appearance. With its modern design, the PP 002 (P64) fence is an excellent choice for…

P82 + Swing gate + Wicket + Gabion
PB001 + Swing gate
PS004 +Self-supporting gate + Wicket
DIVERSO Panels + P302 Wicket
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