for photovoltaic

Structures for photovoltaic panels – easy to install, matching standard photovoltaic panels available on the market.

Konstrukcja stołów do fotowoltaiki Konsport

Structures for photovoltaic panels​

  • Two variants depending on the depth of driving into the ground.
    Variant I – 1500 mm long (driving depth)
    Variant II – 1800 mm long (driving depth)
  • A wide range of adjustment and adaptation of the structure to the requirements of the panels and the terrain
  • Adaptation of the structure to standard photovoltaic panels available on the market in the width range from 1040 mm to 1340 mm width of the panels.
  • Panels can be installed horizontally and vertically
  • Steel in the coating – Magnelis – the best solution in terms of anti-corrosion protection
  • Set consisting of 3 diagonal beams, 8 purlins joined together with a connector, a set of assembly screws and clamps for panel assembly

Many adjustment possibilities

Adjust the mounting purlins to the height of the panels

The diagonal beams of the table structure and the assembly purlins have been equipped with additional oblong holes that give wider possibilities of adaptation to the height of the panels.

Szeroki zakres regulacji stołów do fotowotaiki
Prosty montaż Stoły do fotowoltaiki

Easy assembly

Factory prepared for assembly
  • The construction elements have factory-made mounting holes
  • The construction requires screwing using 30 identical mounting screws,
  • Legs of the structure equipped with holes to facilitate proper leveling of the structure (helping to assess the correct depth of driving)

VIDEO TUTORIAL step by step

Watch the step-by-step instruction that presents all stages of assembly of the table structure for photovoltaics.

Mount as needed

Construction for mounting panels vertically and horizontally
  • In the vertical arrangement, a 2×7 arrangement of standard photovoltaic panels is available,
  • In the horizontal arrangement, a 3×4 arrangement of standard photovoltaic panels is available,
  • The construction allows the assembly of panels with a width in the range of 1040mm to 1340mm.

Other products
with preparation for photovoltaics

See the entire range of Konsport products adapted to the installation of photovoltaic panels. From simple structures dedicated to the installation of panels on photovoltaic farms, through fence posts with the option of installing panels, to carports with a solar roof. Find the perfect solution and use it in your garden, urban space or for business solutions.

Carport Konsport
For home / In urban space / For businesses


  • Modern carports for self-assembly,
  • Available with different roofing: photovoltaic panel, trapezoidal sheet, polycarbonate roofing,
  • Possibility of expansion with further, twin segments,
  • Available in RAL or Magnelis colors.
For home / For businesses

Posts for photovoltaic

  • An innovative solution in the field of photovoltaics – a fence post prepared for the installation of photovoltaic panels.
  • The construction is based on a post with a section of 100/100/3 mm.
  • Possibility of adjusting the post both to the structure
    requiring concreting in the ground or for anchoring with a metal foot (post on the brand).
In urban space / For businesses

Photovoltaic farm fences

  • A budget solution in the form of a fence mesh, perfect for fencing a photovoltaic farm,
  • Easy to assemble, enable quick and efficient fencing of the area,
  • A complete set of elements consisting of a mesh, connectors, clamps, ground anchors, grommets, clamps and posts. Everything necessary for a comprehensive fencing of the investment area
Play Video

Video tutorial

Watch the material and see how easy it is. In the video-instruction you will find detailed information about the contents of the set and the order of assembly of individual elements.

Play Video

Carport assembly instructions

Find out how simple it is. Watch a short video instruction for the installation and connection of Carport with the preparation of the roof for the installation of photovoltaic panels.

Słupek z automatem Konsport
Play Video about Słupek z automatem Konsport

A post with an automatic device - connection

See how to connect a post with an automatic device to self-supporting gates. Get to know all the features of the post with an extended version of the automatic machine.

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EQ post with video intercom and fingerprint reader

Option 10 of the EQ post includes a video intercom with support via a mobile application and a fingerprint reader that also supports proximity tags (RFID).

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