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Manufacturer of fencing systems for single-family houses. The offer includes over 20 different designs of fences that allow for a full arrangement of the fence line with the use of self-supporting gates, swing gates, spans and wickets.

Many years of experience in the production of property fences

We specialize in the production of metal fences made of closed profiles. We offer modern metal fences and property fences in various styles and designs. From traditional panels to modern models of vertical and horizontal fences. Each of the models is available as a complete system of gates, wickets and spans. The offer includes a lot of fences for the garden, modern and traditional property fences.
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Carports and solutions for photovoltaics

Our many years of experience allows us to create complementary products to the fencing offer. In addition to a wide range of accessories and additions to the garden, terrace, balcony and small garden architecture, we offer a number of products and solutions in the field of photovoltaics.

Discover the range of carports (Carport) with the option of preparing for the installation of a roof made of photovoltaic panels.

Carport with a roof made of photovoltaic panels

See solutions for mounting photovoltaic panels. The offer includes structures for mounting panels over the fence line, tables for mounting panels and ballast structures for mounting on the roof.

Posts for photovoltaics

Structure for photovoltaics

Ballast systems for mounting photovoltaic panels

See the range of E-Konsport solutions

Discover all variants of carports Konsport, see how to use the fence line to produce electricity, check how easy it is to install photovoltaic panels on your plot.

Questions & Answers

Which fence is best for my home?

Depending on our needs as well as taste and preferences, the fence should meet the needs in terms of aesthetics, privacy, durability and security.
When it comes to aesthetic impressions, most of our customers are looking for fences with a simple, uncomplicated form. Most often, they look for models without decorations, decorative elements and accessories. The simple and repetitive design of most Konsport fences perfectly corresponds with any buildings (traditional and modern)

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To ensure a sense of comfort, separation from the surroundings and the hustle and bustle of the street, and to maintain a high sense of privacy, Konsport offers a range of fencing models with a compact and tight filling. The most popular model in this category is the PS004 shutter fence. It is also worth getting acquainted with the PB001/PB003 solid fence as well as the PS003 model from the rail fence category.

The durability of our products is confirmed by tests, certificates and approvals. Our fences are made in accordance with ISO 9001 standards for steel structures. Welding standards characterizing products of this type guarantee long-term durability of metal joints and welds.

The obtained certificates confirm the durability of the products and resistance to weather conditions for many years. The process of welding and corrosion resistance of metal parts is constantly linked to the painting process. An independent research institute confirms the durability of paint coatings in terms of the thickness of the paint coating and primers used to protect critical structural elements.

Certificates and approvals

How to build block fences?

The Konsport fencing block system is an alternative solution to the products available on the market in the category of concrete blocks and fencing hollow bricks. The blocks are used in the assembly of fences and as an element that allows for any garden arrangements (space fencing, covering garbage cans).
Konsport blocks are made of XPS (Styrodur, otherwise extruded polystyrene) which makes them light, resistant to moisture and durable. Each block is covered with a polyester sheet (available in 2 colors) in the standard used for roofing. This ensures high resistance to weather conditions.

Konsport fences are fully compatible with the fencing block system, and their assembly is easy and allows for extensive adaptation to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Pots and blocks

How to assemble block fences

Get inspired

The Konsport fence catalog is almost 200 pages of inspiration, information and photos.

In the catalog you will find:
All available fence models,
The most interesting fencing arrangements,
A range of the best fencing accessories and add-ons.


Browse through the most interesting realizations of Konsport fences. Get inspired by interesting projects of our distributors.

Where to buy fences

On the map of distributors you will find almost 90 points of sale throughout Poland and selected countries of Central Europe. You will find the Konsport brand on sale in all major cities in the country. On the list of distributors, we have included the best professionals and specialists in the field of installation of our fences. We have marked the most experienced and respected distributors with "premium distributor" signatures for you. In the tab you will find addresses and telephone numbers as well as helpful information about the point of sale.

Konsport offical showroom

Lodz, Poland

If you are planning investments in the Lodz Voivodeship, our showroom will prepare for you an offer of fences and additional services, including: professional measurement at the investment site, fencing transport services and assembly made by professional construction teams.

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Modern fencing system

We have been producing fences for over 25 years. We specialize in metal fences intended mainly for single-family houses. The fence offer includes a range of different models, from light and simple designs to massive, built-up and heavy structures. In the fence production process, we combine various materials to create innovative solutions. One of them is the XPS line, where the main filling of our fences is extruded polystyrene (See the use of XPS in the P302 model). In other completely simple fence designs, we reverse the detail to get a completely new, refreshed look (See Verticale fence lines). We even have a model in which the customer designs the fence pattern (Check out the DIVERSO model).
Our customers have been appreciating Konsport fences for years for the highest quality and unique designs, among which the currently most popular are the P82 and PS004 models.

What fence do you choose?

Fence accessories

The offer of Konsport fences also includes a lot of additional solutions and accessories.

One of the most popular is the EQ post. It is a metal post usually located next to a wicket or gate. It can perform various functions depending on the selected model. From the simplest ones, through having a letter insert, video intercom, encryptor and fingerprint reader. For the most advanced options that allow you to open gates or gates using the phone application.

Our fences are fully compatible with the leading suppliers of gate automation. Each model of our gates can be automated. Konsport also offers a proprietary post with an automatic device for self-supporting gates, which, in addition to the aesthetic housing for the automatic motor, can perform a number of additional functions, e.g. traffic lights.

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Konsport - Manufacturer of fencing systems for single-family houses. The offer includes over 20 different fence designs allowing for full arrangement of the fence line using self-supporting and swing gates, spans and wickets. Konsport also offers an original system of folding gates replacing the traditional swing gate. A number of additional accessories are available for each fence, including EQ posts, gate automation, integrated letter boxes and many others.

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