The filling of the P302 model is based on extruded polystyrene foam, known as XPS. It is a modern, ecological building material used all over the world. Another commonly used name for this material is styrodur. XPS foam is characterized by a homogeneous, closed-cell structure, which affects its durability and strength. At the same time, the material remains light, which is an undoubted advantage in the case of fencing elements of considerable size.

In the P302 model, the filling of the spans, gates and wickets is an XPS board with a maximum height of 302 mm, tightly closed on each side with a polyester sheet. The use of polyester sheets ensures high resistance to weather conditions (it is a material used for the production of roofing). The P302 system is devoid of the factory structure of the span. The span is made of single P302 panels mounted one after the other on system channel sections mounted to steel posts or stone columns.

Color palette