Accessories for swing gate and wicket

Discover the best accessories for your fence. Find out everything you need to know about the available accessories for Konsport swing gates and wickets. Remember that the accessories used in Konsport fences require proper preparation at the factory during production. Therefore, choose your accessories now, together with the fence. After that, it will no longer be possible to use them.

BLIX lamp

Blix Big:

  • Plastic lamp suitable for steel posts with the following profiles: 80x80x2, 80x80x3, 100x100x3, 100x100x4 and 120x120x4 mm.
  • Equipped with a LED bulb emitting natural, white light with a power of 4000 K.
  • Waterproof class – IP65
  • From the top covered with a black metal cap.

Blix Small:

  • Plastic lamp suitable for steel posts with the following profiles: 80x80x2 mm.
  • Equipped with a LED bulb emitting natural, white light with a power of 4000 K.
  • The upper part of the lamp is covered with a 50 mm fragment of a steel post with a cross-section of 80x80x2. From the top covered with a black plastic cap.

LED lamp


Highlight the EQ Post with an additional lamp

Complete your EQ post with an additional lighting lamp. The lamp is equipped with LEDs characterized by very long working time and low energy consumption compared to a traditional light source. The lamp emits white natural light 4000K which is a color between warm and cold light – neutral. The color of the light is ideal for lighting gardens, parking lots and common areas.

The lamp is made of stainless steel, and its shape has been designed in such a way as to perfectly match the Konsport EQ Posts / Big EQ**. The stainless steel used in the production of the LED lamp is the same as the steel used in the production of EQ post equipment panels from option 1 to option 11. Thanks to this, all elements of the EQ post equipment match to each other and constitute aesthetic and elegant equipment of the post.

The LED lamp is factory equipped with a dusk sensor which activates the LED lamp automatically if the lighting conditions change.

See how to connect the LED lamp

*LED lamp is not a standard equipment of the EQ post and requires an extra charge. The assembly of the LED lamp in the EQ post is done at the factory, the product is delivered assembled and ready for installation.

** It is possible to order a separate LED lamp. However, it should be remembered that the assembly of the LED lamp to the EQ post that has not been factory prepared for the installation of the lamp (does not have mounting holes) may be difficult or impossible.

Cover the space between the leaves

Cover the space between the leaves of the gate  

An additional solution covering the gap between the leaves of the gate.

Preparation for automation

Preparation for automation

A properly reinforced profile in the gate filling or handles for automation allow the gate to be easily equipped with a motor. The selected model determines the method of mounting the gate automation. In light vertical palisades, a handle for gate automation is used, which allows free assembly of most arms of automatic gates. In models with a more massive and built-up structure, such as P82/PS004/P302, the swing gate has a special, reinforced horizontal profile to which the arms of the automation are mounted.



Remembers for you to close the gate

A simple gadget that will take care of the safety of your home. Compatible with every Konsport fence model. The self-closing mechanism allows you to adjust the pace of closing the wicket. It is also possible to easily adjust the clamping force of the wicket against the closing strip. The installation of the self-closing device is possible only to the wicket that has been factory-adapted to work with such a hinge.


Stainless handrail

Stainless handrail for wicket and gate

Massive handrails made of effective stainless steel add elegance to the entire line of the fence. Available in two heights. Short, with a height similar to the classic handrail and a long one, flush with the lower part of the wicket frame and the swing gate*.

The long handrail can be installed centrally – at an equal distance between the upper and lower edges of the wicket/gate frame, or the bottom flush with the lower edge of the wicket or gate.

Post EQ

The best suplement for wicket and gate

Complete the fence line with practical and functional EQ Konsport post. The post is usually mounted right next to the wicket or gate and, depending on the chosen variant, it has different functions. The simplest configurations allow you to use the EQ post as a mailbox or mailbox and intercom. More advanced variants offer the possibility of opening the wicket/gate with the use of proximity reader, a fingerprint reader or digital code keypad. There is also an EQ post with a function similar to a parcel locker. The parcel slot can be opened using a mobile application or access codes generated for the courier.


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