DIVERSO II + Self-supporting gate + EQ post

The DIVERSO fence is a great option for those who prefer to take matters into their own hands and design their dream fence themselves. Konsport offers a model where the infill pattern can be arranged according to your preference. If you prefer to choose from tried and tested patterns, Konsport also offers DIVERSO in ready-made designs labeled as Pattern 1, Pattern 2, and Pattern 3.

Check out all the DIVERSO patterns.

Przesła Diverso Konsport ze słupkiem EQ
Podpis pod zdjęciem 1
Brama samonosną Diverso Konsport
Podpis pod zdjęciem 2
Brama samonosna DIverso Konsport widoczna od posesji
Podpis pod zdjęciem 3
Przesła Diverso Konsport ze słupkiem EQ
Podpis pod zdjęciem 4

The implementation includes the following elements:

  • DIVERSO II self-supporting gate – adapted to work with BFT gate automation (visible in the photo), with gate guidance using steel posts and a closing strip mounted on angles attached to the gate post.
  • DIVERSO II wicket – with a standard handle in the fence color,
  • EQ post- Option 1 – Konsport offers an EQ post with a mail slot (the intercom visible in the photo is not a Konsport factory component).
  • DIVERSO II panels.

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The DIVERSO model is an offer for everyone who prefers to take matters into their own hands and design their dream fence on their own. Konsport offers a model in…

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