Verticale A + Wicket + Self-supporting gate

The Verticale Model is an exceptionally popular fencing system from Konsport. Customers appreciate its simple design, which makes it easy to integrate into any fence line arrangement. The system offers panels in different variants: A, B, and C. Each of them is based on the same infill, but they differ in details that often completely change the visual perception of the system.

Linia ogrodzenia z użyciem modelu Verticale
Przęsła Verticale w wariancie A
Przęsła Verticale w wariancie A
Brama samonośna Verticale

In the implementation using the Verticale model, the panels were mounted to concrete blocks. The light-colored blocks strongly contrast with the dark-colored fence, creating a very interesting final effect.

The implementation consists of the following elements:

  • Verticale A self-supporting gate,
  • Verticale A wicket with a standard handle in the fence color,
  • Verticale A panels.


The Verticale model from Konsport also offers two other panel variants that differ significantly from the A variant used in this implementation.

In variants B and C, the same infill profiles (80/20 mm sections) are used, but instead of two horizontal crossbars, the profiles are mounted to a special channel. Panels in variants B and C give the impression of palisades emerging from the ground, which is currently a very popular and interesting solution.

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