Accessories for self-supporting gate

Discover the best accessories for your fence. Find out everything you need to know about the available accessories for self-supporting gates and spans. Remember that the accessories used in Konsport fences require proper preparation at the factory during production. Therefore, choose your accessories now, together with the fence. After that, it will no longer be possible to use them.

BLIX lamp

Blix Big:

  • Plastic lamp suitable for steel posts with the following profiles: 80x80x2, 80x80x3, 100x100x3, 100x100x4 and 120x120x4 mm.
  • Equipped with a LED bulb emitting natural, white light with a power of 4000 K.
  • Waterproof class – IP65
  • From the top covered with a black metal cap.

Blix Small:

  • Plastic lamp suitable for steel posts with the following profiles: 80x80x2 mm.
  • Equipped with a LED bulb emitting natural, white light with a power of 4000 K.
  • The upper part of the lamp is covered with a 50 mm fragment of a steel post with a cross-section of 80x80x2. From the top covered with a black plastic cap.

Post with automation


Not only the automatic …

A post with an automation is a solution for self-supporting gates equipped with a gear rack (gate prepared for automation). The post is equipped with a special compartment for the motor of the automatic machine, along with a door that allows easy declutching of the gate in the event of a power failure. It has factory guide rollers that replace traditional steel posts for guiding the self-supporting gate. In the premium version, the post with the Konsport automatic unit is additionally equipped with a rear lighting lamp and a side lamp, illuminating the driveway when opening and closing. The rear lamp signals the opening and closing of the gate with an intermittent light signal. The extended version also has a 230V socket factory-fitted to the side wall of the post*.

Open the gate with a remote control or mobile application. Choose a post with automation equipped with motor from the Italian brand BFT to your configuration. The offer includes motors for self-supporting gates in various variants and equipment options.

View all available option of gate’s automation

*The post with the automation has a distribution of wires ensuring the operation of the lighting lamps, it requires assembly with the gate, connection to the network and programming the engine operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Alternative upper guide for self-supporting gate


Alternative upper guide instead of guide posts 

The solution allows you to resign from the need to use guide posts for the self-supporting gate. The upper guide can be mounted both to the wall and to posts with a minimum cross-section of 100x100mm. It is used also with the Konsport system of fencing blocks*.

Alternative upper guide is not available for shutter fence models (PS001, PS002, PS003) and light vertical palisades (PP001 N, W, C, CC, Verticale, P46).

Foundation slabs /System of fencing blocks

Install your fence on solid fundation

The Konsport offer includes many solutions in the field of foundations and blocks constituting the basis and/or finish of the fence line.

EQ Post

The best suplement for wicket and gate

Complete the fence line with practical and functional EQ Konsport post. The post is usually mounted right next to the wicket or gate and, depending on the chosen variant, it has different functions. The simplest configurations allow you to use the EQ post as a mailbox or mailbox and intercom. More advanced variants offer the possibility of opening the wicket/gate with the use of proximity reader, a fingerprint reader or digital code keypad. There is also an EQ post with a function similar to a parcel locker. The parcel slot can be opened using a mobile application or access codes generated for the courier.


EQ Post
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