VERTICALE + Self-supporting gate + EQ post + BLIX

The fence has a simple and modern form, thanks to which it will perfectly match the current architectural trends. Its appearance refers to the popular models from the PP001 family and gives the impression of a delicate palisade construction. However, unlike the lightweight palisades in the Verticale model, much wider 80-millimeter sections were used for filling. At the top of these panels, a special stabilizing rod was installed between the infill profiles. This rod is concealed within an elegant aluminum casing and is designed to enhance the stability of the structure.

The implementation includes the following elements:

  • Verticale wicket  equipped with a short stainless steel handle.
  • Verticale self-supporting gate,
  • Verticale C panels,
  • EQ post in option 5 equipped with a digital code keypad and LED lamp.
  • Blix Big posts with LED lamps on the top.

Used for this realization ...

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