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Accessories for EQ Post

Discover the best accessories for EQ posts.

LED lamp


Highlight the EQ Post with an additional lamp

Complete your EQ post with an additional lighting lamp. The lamp is equipped with LEDs characterized by very long working time and low energy consumption compared to a traditional light source. The lamp emits white natural light 4000K which is a color between warm and cold light – neutral. The color of the light is ideal for lighting gardens, parking lots and common areas.

The lamp is made of stainless steel, and its shape has been designed in such a way as to perfectly match the Konsport EQ Posts / Big EQ**. The stainless steel used in the production of the LED lamp is the same as the steel used in the production of EQ post equipment panels from option 1 to option 11. Thanks to this, all elements of the EQ post equipment match to each other and constitute aesthetic and elegant equipment of the post.

The LED lamp is factory equipped with a dusk sensor which activates the LED lamp automatically if the lighting conditions change.

See how to connect the LED lamp

*LED lamp is not a standard equipment of the EQ post and requires an extra charge. The assembly of the LED lamp in the EQ post is done at the factory, the product is delivered assembled and ready for installation.

** It is possible to order a separate LED lamp. However, it should be remembered that the assembly of the LED lamp to the EQ post that has not been factory prepared for the installation of the lamp (does not have mounting holes) may be difficult or impossible.

Put your adress on the EQ Post

Add to your EQ post an eye-catching inscription burned directly into the EQ post. Burning will be done by a precise, fiber laser that guarantees stable operation and an even cut of letters. The factory-made inscription is properly sealed and protected against weather conditions and corrosion.

Technical parameters and implementation possibilities:

  • Dimensions of the burn – L 260 mm, H – depends on the height of the post,
  • The inscription is burned directly in the post plate (front wall of the post). Under the place of burning, a steel sheet in any RAL color is placed (Konsport color palette),
  • This steel sheet is mounted to the EQ post and delivered to the customer as a complete product,
  • It is possible to burn both writing and number or writing and number,
  • One typeface available – visible on visualizations,
  • Metal sheet in the inner part (RAL sheet) 1mm thick,
  • Burn can be done both above and below the selected EQ post option

Wypalenie w słupkach EQ Konsport - nad i pod wyposażeniem



Steel plate with burning


Steel plate for EQ post

Instead of burning in the post, use an additional steel plate with burning numbers, letters or a combination of numbers and letters. Use the steel plate to mark the house number, house number and street name or any other combination.

Product features:

  • Steel plate dimensions H170 mm and L 260 mm.
  • The product consists of two elements. The outer part, in the color of the EQ post and the inner part, painted in the color chosen by the ordering party from the palette of available colors and Konsport colors.
  • The steel plate is mounted to the EQ post and delivered to the customer as a complete product.
  • One typeface available – visible on visualizations
  • The sheet in the outer part is made of 2 mm thick sheet, the inner part is made of 1 mm thick sheet.
  • The steel plate can be mounted both above and below the EQ post equipment. However, it should be remembered that in the case of some EQ options, lowering the position of the video intercom below the recommended height may result in incorrect camera operation

Blacha z wypaleniem do Słupka EQ Konsport Ogrodzenia

Take care of every detail

Selected option of the EQ Post and LED lamp in the color of the post

In every variant of the EQ post, there is now an option to paint elements of the equipment in the color of the post. Get an EQ post in any color from the Konsport pallet, along with a colored selected option panel and optional LED light.

Post EQ

The best addition for wickets and gates

Complete the fence line with practical and functional EQ Konsport post. The post is usually mounted right next to the wicket or gate and, depending on the chosen variant, it has different functions. The simplest configurations allow you to use the EQ post as a letterbox or letterbox and intercom. More advanced variants offer the possibility of opening the wicket/gate with the use of proximity readers, a fingerprint reader or a digital code keypad. There is also an EQ post with a function similar to a parcel locker. The package insert can be opened using a mobile application or access codes generated for the courier.

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