P302 + Wicket + Self-supporting gate

Self-supporting gate P302, EQ Post, Option 1 Mailbox, Wicket P302
Slef-supporting gate P302, Automatic BFT DEIMOS
Wicket P302, EQ Post, Option 1 Mailbox, Slef-supporting gate P302, Panel P302

The P302 model is an absolute novelty on the market. Unlike other horizontal palisades, the P302 model utilizes XPS boards. This is a modern, ecological building material used worldwide. Another commonly used name for this material is Styrodur. XPS foam is characterized by a uniform, closed-cell structure, which contributes to its durability and strength. At the same time, the material remains lightweight, which is undoubtedly an advantage for fencing elements with significant dimensions. These boards serve as the filling for all fence elements (gates, gates, spans). They are also used as a base, which is a great alternative to traditional concrete slabs.

The implementation consists of the following elements:

  • Self-supporting gate P302,
  • P302 gate with a standard handle in the fence color,
  • P302 panels,
  • EQ post with a mailbox,
  • BFT DEIMOS gate automation.

The P302 fence is offered in 2 colors:

Additionally, the entire arrangement can be enhanced with decorative panels:

PB002 – Draws its aesthetics from the PB001 model. Solid 2 mm sheet metal is cut in places into a pattern of longitudinal holes of varying widths. The resulting effect gives the impression of a certain irregularity which, combined with XPS panels and zero gap between them, provides a very distinct and aesthetic accent. The PB002 module is available in the full range of Konsport colors, including metallic structures and fine textures.

PS005 – Based on the construction of the PS004 model. Delicate pickets, arranged horizontally in a layout resembling window blinds. The spacing of the pickets falls within the range of 60-70mm, but their arrangement effectively hinders visibility into the property.


The P302 model offers full customization to adapt to the individual needs of the customer. Each fence element is produced based on a professional design, taking into account selected decorative elements.

And if that’s not enough…

Don’t know where to place the mailbox?

Could the gate use some lighting?

Would you like to open and/or close the gate using a mobile app?

Or perhaps you’re interested in a classic intercom system?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then take a look at our EQ Posts offer.

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Special colors

Is the regular colour chart not enough for you? Select a fence coated with a metallic paint or in the fine structure variant.

EQ post

There are 11 configuration options to make your daily routines easier. Open the wicket and / or the gate with a mobile application (An­droid/iOS), select options with a digital code…

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