Verticale A + Wicket + Swing gate

Wicket Verticale A, Panels Verticale A, Swing gate Verticale A
Wicket Verticale A, Panels Verticale A, Swing gate Verticale A

The Verticale model is a combination of classic and modern elements. It is characterized by a simple and classic form. In contrast to other vertical palisade models, the Verticale model uses profiles with a width of 80 mm. The Verticale model perfectly emphasizes both the modern character of the architecture and the aesthetic values of the garden.

The implementation consists of the following elements:

  • Verticale A swing gate,
  • Verticale A wicket with a standard handle in the fence color,
  • Verticale A panels.


The Verticale fence is offered in 3 variants.

Variant A – the basic model, allowing for the implementation of the entire fence line, including self-supporting gates, swing gates, and panels.

Variants B and C – optional models, available only in the form of panels. The other elements of the fence line such as self-supporting gates, swing gates, and gates are produced based on the basic Verticale A model.

The panels in the Verticale A model are custom-made according to the customer’s individual needs. The panels are mounted to the posts using mounting brackets.

Variants B and C are panels produced according to the standard height table. They are offered in two width options: L1000mm and L2000mm. The panels can be shortened independently to suit the individual project. Panels in variants B and C are mounted to a poured concrete foundation using special mounting channels. This solution creates the effect of a fence “emerging” from the ground, thus creating an incredible final effect.


Available variants of Verticale panels:


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