EQ post equipped with a modern video intercom
with fisheye camera, encryptor module enabling
opening a wicket or gate and inserting parcels.

Your home parcel locker

Designed in such a way as to allow you to easily open the package inserts using a code or remotely using a mobile application.

Modern video intercom

With a fisheye camera, HD resolution and a viewing angle of 180 degrees

Packet drop

Opening inserts for parcels using a mobile application.

Encryptor module

Enabling the opening of a wicket or gate


opening inserts for packages using the application

Code generation

Encryptor module that allows you to generate codes to open package inserts

Other elements of equipment*

Gniazdko 230 V
Lampka LED

Additional solutions

Complete the post with additional solutions and accessories:

  • LED lamp located at the top of the post,
  • A plate with a number or address mounted above the equipment panel,
  • Burn a number or address directly into the post above the equipment panel.

Special insert for packages

Create the insertion code yourself
and give it to the courier or open the insert
using the mobile application.

Mobile application

The Hikvision mobile application available for Android and iOS devices allows for remote operation of the video intercom factory-installed in the INBOX post.

Using the application, it is possible to receive calls from the video intercom and remotely open the gate or gate.

The application also allows you to remotely open the package insert during a video call and completely independently without the need to make a video call.

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Enrich your fence line with the EQ Konsport post.

Discover all the features and capabilities of the new Konsport EQ post.

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Installation instructions for the INBOX post

Find out how simple it is. Watch a short video instruction on how to install and connect the INBOX Konsport post.

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EQ post with video intercom

See Option 4EQ post – Equipped with factory video intercom with mobile app.
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Słupek EQ z wideodomofonem i czytnikiem linii papilarnych

The Option 10 EQ post includes a video intercom with mobile application and a fingerprint reader also offering support for proximity tags (RFID).
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