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KONSPORT has been specialising in the production of system fencing for over 25 years. Advanced technology and professional team is the basis for the success of our company. The acquired experience and knowledge enable continuous improvement of production processes, providing our Customers with the highest quality guarantee.


Continuous improvement and enriching professional knowledge enables comprehensive Customer servicing. We offer not only the highest category fences but also individual advisory services and technical support. Owing to our involvement and competences we have the trust of our Customers and Partners.


KONSPORT is the brand recognised not only in Poland but also abroad. The highest quality fence systems, characterised by unique design and exceptional endurance are appreciated by all Europeans. The successes of KONSPORT are also confirmed by numerous certificates and awards.


KONSPORT means also safety while travelling. Owing to positive opinions issued by the Research Institute of Roads and Bridges, KONSPORT, as one of few companies, handles the production of materials used for the protection of road and railway infrastructure. While travelling in Poland along newly-opened highways and expressways, this is KONSPORT which takes care of your peace and safety.